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Besides parental love and home care, the biggest asset that parents can give to their children is an environment that encourages their development. The focus is on the social, practical and cognitive development in children. Good toys support these areas of learning. Pretend Play helps children to develop their curiosity, imagination, creativity and practical knowledge whilst having fun. It is important to us to offer a balanced range of toys that support children’s learning and development through play. We believe that our product range meets these requirements and comprises toys that contribute to early learning development of your child. First ideas and conceptual designs are reviewed carefully and are inspired and developed further in close cooperation with both educational sector and parents. All our Klein products undergo stringent controls and testing throughout the production process from first sample up to mass production. Our expertise about our production process has expanded and improved constantly over the past few decades, maintaining our values and ensuring that we are offering exceptional high quality toys that fully meet our customers and primarily children’s needs. Our product range is reviewed continuously and we strive for further development and freshness to our product portfolio.

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