Usually when it comes to safe driving tips we think of cold weather, icy roads and dense foggy conditions. However it’s very important to remember that it’s just as critical to stay safe on the roads in times of sunny, warm weather, and make sure that the glare of the sun doesn’t effect your vision when making your journey. Here are our top tips on how to minimise any problems:

1 – Clear windscreen – Ensure that your windscreen is spotlessly clean both inside and out. Dirt or grime on the outside or inside of the wind-shield causes the light to scatter, increasing the glare. Clean your wind-shield before setting off so you are not blinded by the reflection of the drops of wind-shield washer fluid in challenging light conditions. This is one of our favourite glass cleaning products here in MicksGarage, one for the boot!

2 – Windscreen washer fluid – Make sure your windscreen washer bottle is fully topped up and you have some solution added that helps clear the windscreen of dirt, bugs and grit that will land on the windscreen

3 – Dashboard polish – Keep your dashboard clear and avoid using high-gloss products that can increase reflection.

4 – Wear sunglasses – Have a pair sitting in the car at all times, and if possible a pair of polarised sunglasses, as they help to reduce the glare more than ordinary sunglasses.

5 – Slow down – Goes for all driving condition but even more important if driving into low lying sun as it can be difficult to see the brake lights of the car in front, so make sure ample distance is left between you and them. (remember the 2 second rule!)

6 – Sun visor – Utilise your sun visor, that’s what it’s there for!

7 – Road markings – If you’re having trouble seeing the road, use the road markings to help guide you

8 – Extra time – Leave extra time so that you don’t feel rushed getting to your destination.