We experience heavy fog in the UK and Ireland on a regular basis, and so its inevitable that we will all come across dangerous driving when visibility is so limited due to added mist and low lying moisture. The following 9 tips will help you when you’re next faced with driving in foggy conditions and what the correct procedures to undertake to ensure a safe journey

Driving in Fog

1 . First thing to do in foggy driving conditions is to ensure your windows and windscreen is free of dirt and grime. This will help with visibility regardless of the weather. You must also check that your lights are fully operational.

2. Make sure to put on your fog-lights while driving, and you should also use your dipped headlights in fog, your beams will not have the desired effect, and will make visibility even worse. Also remember to turn them off once you’re out of the fog, in particular in traffic, it can be blinding!

3. Always have your heater on your windscreen, this will ensure that they do not steam up and further limit visibility in the fog.

4. While driving, maintain a larger gap than normal between yourself and the car in front. Drive slower than normal also, it is crucial considering the possibility of you coming across stopped cars in the fog.

5. You should brake gently and early to give the driver behind you the best possible warning.

6. Remain diligent and fully concentrate on the road by turning down your radio and phone. Remember that some drivers may not have fully working lights so you need to be fully tuned in.

7. Considering the concentration levels you will become tired quicker than usual, take breaks on a regular basis if driving for long distances to avoid a build up of stress and reduce the possibility of driving inappropriately.

8. Place a Hi-Vis Vest in your car in case you have to get out to attend to another motorist or change a flat tire, you have to be visible to other drivers!

9. When stopped at a junction, particularly when moving from a minor road to a major road, you should roll down your window and listen for on-coming traffic. This will help you anticipate anything coming in either direction before it comes near the junction.

Please remember to slow down and be safe at all times with driving in fog. Arrive safely!

Words by John Smyth, MicksGarage Marketing Guru!