When you think of wind deflectors you think of having your window down on a sunny day letting all the warm air fill your car. Unfortunately, we are entering Winter with cold and rainy days ahead of us so there is little chance of being able to do that. There is no denying that wind deflectors have many benefits during summer, but I would argue that they are a year-round product as they have many advantages during other months. Modern cars don’t tend to have rain gutters on the roof like they used to, while this helps with aerodynamics it can allow rain to drip into the cabin if you have the window open at all. Wind deflectors help to prevent this by directing the stream of water over the window and down onto the ground. If you crack open the window a couple of inches the wind defectors will prevent rain from entering your vehicle, so you can de mist your car. In some countries Wind Deflectors are also known as ‘monsoon shields’ or ‘rain visors’ and for good reason. They are made from a highly durable plastic that can withstand any weather.

How do they fit?

Our Wind deflectors are designed with a little lip that fits into the window channel of your door. Some come with clips that fit in-between the window channel and deflector to secure it in place and some don’t come with any. If you get no clips in the box this is because they are already a tight fit and don’t need any. An instruction sheet will also come with your deflectors telling you how to fit them and where to put the clips depending on the amount you get.

They are very easy to fit but if you need help we have a great video that you can follow and an amazing customer service team that are here to answer any questions you might have, even before you buy them.

Top Wind Deflector Fitting Tips:

1: First hold the deflector up to the door to check it’s the right shape

2: Peel away the protective plastic film (you’d be amazed at how many calls we get saying the deflectors are scratched – they’re not, just peel off the film!)

3: Fit the deflector into the window channel

4: Locate the clips and secure them between the wind deflector and inside of the door with a screwdriver

5: Slowly raise your window into place and leave up for 48 hours to allow the rubber channel to ‘set’ to the new shape.

6: Congratulate yourself on a job well done!