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Skoda Citigo Rocker Cover Gaskets

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skoda CITIGO rocker cover gaskets

skoda CITIGO

From Oct 2011 to Jan 2020


Skoda Citigo Rocker Cover Gaskets

Skoda Citigo Rocker Cover Gaskets Available Here. Rocker arms drive the intake and exhaust valves and are protected by a metal or plastic cover called a rocker cover or in the case of an overhead camshaft engine they're more accurately called cam covers. Rocker cover gaskets ensure there is a tight seal between the rocker cover and the cylinder head. By providing a tight seal, the gaskets keep the oil used by the rocker arms from leaking out or becoming contaminated by dirt or debris. Rocker cover gaskets are made from cork or rubber and are designed to be removable. Due to the engine’s high temperature when running, the gaskets can become brittle and weak over time. When this happens, leaks can develop. Fortunately, we keep a wide range of rocket cover gaskets in stock and they're usually pretty simple to change.