peugeot 305 Mk II distributor caps.

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peugeot 305 Mk II

From Oct 1982 to Jul 1990

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peugeot 305 Mk II distributor caps

peugeot 305 Mk II distributor caps Available Here. Working distributor caps are essential to keep your car running right. Distributor caps protect everything inside the distributor from outside factors such as water, dirt and oil. They also hold the terminals that send the electric currents from your car’s ignition coils to the spark plugs of each of your engine’s cylinders. This ignites the fuel and keeps your engine running efficiently. If your car is making funny noises, misfiring or not starting, it may be time to replace your cap. Because they handle such high currents of power, distributor caps need to be checked and replaced often. Fortunately, MicksGarage.com has the best distributor caps to keep your car on the road.