vauxhall VIVARO Flatbed / Chassis boost pressure sensors.

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vauxhall VIVARO Flatbed / Chassis

From Jan 2002 to Jul 2014

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vauxhall VIVARO Flatbed / Chassis boost pressure sensors

The boost pressure sensors in a turbocharged or supercharged engine regulate engine performance by providing air pressure information and air and fuel ratios. They are complex pieces of technology that allow the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) to determine how much fuel is needed in the car's combustion chamber for proper air-fuel mixture. Symptoms of failing boost pressure sensors include excessive fuel consumption, rough idling, knocking or pinging, hesitation or slight jerking during acceleration, and stalling or dying right after you give the engine gas to start the car moving. If any of these symptoms persist, take your car to a professional car care center for diagnostics and replacement.