Hi I’m Sean, a Transition Year Student from Rockbrook Park School. This week I have been doing work experience at MicksGarage.


Monday: On Monday morning, and every other morning that week, I was over forty minutes early. The day doesn’t start till 9a.m, the latest my dad could get me there was 8:20a.m. I waited in the customer service department every morning till I was told where to go. I wasn’t ever board in the morning while waiting because everyone that was there was fun to be around.
I spent the whole day working in the warehouse which was freezing cold. I was brought there by my god father Derick who works in I.T, he introduced me to elvir who showed me around the warehouse, introduced me to a few people and then gave me jobs to do. One of the jobs was packaging orders. It took a few tries to get it right, thankfully the guys there were patient with me.

Tuesday: I spent the day again working in the warehouse, it was a bit warmer yet was still pretty cold. At the start of the day I was showed and helped out with many of the different jobs there, for example gathering together orders, packaging them and preparing them for postage.

Wednesday: I spent Wednesday working in marketing. Like the warehouse everyone had something to do and were always busy but seemed pretty relaxed. First I helped gather information for Haynes books that were being added to the website. After that I was shown how they advertise the website and all to other components involved in selling the products online.

Thursday: Again I was working in marketing, I was asked to do many different things, compare prices, make a spreadsheet with the locations of particular products on it and then to finish the day, checking the search results of car lights on carlampsdirect.com

Friday: This was my final day working at MicksGarage, I spend the morning creating bundles that were immediately updated to the website. Once I finished that, I started this essay!

I’m going to miss working at MicksGarage. I learnt alot about how a company like MicksGarage works, every one there was kind and didn’t mind showing me how to do something. Thanks to every one there for making this a fun week