A new Ford-sponsored survey of 5,700 people across Europe shows that four simple fuel-saving tricks could stop drivers wasting up to €1,000 a year on fuel. Removing excess weight from inside the car, taking off the roof box, shopping around for fuel, and optimising tyre pressure – could together cut annual fuel bills by 33%

 Video: the four hidden ways that motorists waste money:

 Ford’s findings show that 76% of drivers do not regularly check tyres, 38% never remove roof storage, 18% never shop around, and 17% always leave extra items in the car. Most drivers also increase fuel consumption by breaking speed limits and many never choose the most economical route for a journey. Around half of drivers add to their bill by impulse shopping at filling stations 
The four simple tricks that could help drivers save as much as 33 per cent on fuel are: Removing the roof-top cargo box (20%) Shopping around for fuel (7%) Checking and optimising tyre pressures every month (4 %) Removing excess weight from inside the car (2%) 
The poll also revealed further opportunities to cut fuel consumption – 71% of drivers admit breaking speed limits, 42% never choose the most economical route, 39% drive aggressively, and 14% leave the air conditioning on all the time. 
The survey found that with people on average spending €3,011 on fuel each year, bills could be cut by €994. Apparently Italian drivers are the most likely to leave unnecessary items in their car (23%), and are also the most likely to leave roof storage equipment in place (43%). Less than half Italians polled said they would ever choose the most economical route (49%). German drivers are the most likely to speed (89%) and drive aggressively (57%). French drivers are the least likely to make a monthly tyre pressure check (18%). Spanish drivers are most likely to always leave the air conditioning system on (19%), and more than a quarter of U.K. drivers never shop around for fuel (26%). The survey also revealed that after filling up 45% of people also add to their spending at the pumps by impulse buying other items. German drivers were the most likely to buy something additional (63%), while Italian men were the most likely also to buy a coffee (28%), and U.K. women the most likely also to buy a bar of chocolate (19%).