In a recent survey we carried out about car servicing, over 55% of people chose their filters based on price alone. Now we’re not going to tell you that more expensive filters are better, because it isn’t always true. What we will tell you is that not all filters are made the same!
Take a look at this video of comparable oil filters, all claiming to be made to ‘OE’ Original Equipment specification, the results are quite shocking.

From the outside, different brands of spin-on oil filters all look virtually identical so how do you pick a good brand? Well, one way would be to choose a brand that is willing to put their products under the microscope like MANN have above. The other route we’d go down would be to pick a brand that is fitted by the vehicle manufacturer at the factory as Original Equipment (remember car manufacturers as a rule don’t make their own filters) As an example, if you buy a ‘genuine’ BMW filter, it may come in a BMW box and have the BMW logo on the parts, but the filter itself will actually be manufactured by a 3rd party supplier, in BMW’s case, either Mahle, Knecht & Mann.
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