25 years ago today the FIA banned Group B rally cars. The cars looked spectacular, sounded incredible, were immensely fast and powerful and were equally dangerous. A number of competitors and spectators were unfortunately killed which inevitably was the catalyst to the class being cancelled. Despite the tragedies, Group B is indisputably considered the golden era of rallying.

To re-live some of the sights and sounds of Group B we’ve compiled a couple of the best video clips the internet has to offer: First up we have the late, great Colin Mcrea on the Donegal rally driving the 400bhp V6 Metro 6R4. If you watch nothing else, check out 3mins 55 seconds into the video:
The most powerful and probably the most iconic Group B rally car ever, the Audi Sport Quattro. 2.2 Litre, 5 cylinder Turbo circa 500bhp:
This clip includes pretty much all cars from the era, the Lancia 037, s14 Delta, Audi Quattro, Peugeot 205T16, Metro 6R4, Ford RS200, Nissan 240RS and probably some others i’ve missed:

The last clip is a very nicely edited film, no sounds but some great footage: