car mat buying guide

Fitting a new set of car mats is one of those oddly satisfying things – like fitting new wiper blades. I know that sounds a bit odd but if you don’t believe me, go and try it. Maybe it’s just me but I get great sense of well being when I’ve got a crystal clear view of the road ahead – it makes the rest of the car seem cleaner than it actually is! And the same can be said for replacing your old threadbare mats with a spanking new set.passat

Our standard car mats are not expensive, 95% of our range are under €25.00/£20.00 for a full set, and these are tailored mats we’re talking about, contoured exactly to the shape of your car floor not the basic universal kind.

There are a few things to be aware of when shopping for car mats. Follow our simple step by step guide and you should get the right set first time.

Step 1 – Search:

The best way to start your search is to enter your registration number on the homepage then navigate to the car mats department, under Car Accessories in the main menu. If you’re outside the UK or Ireland the reg lookup facility won’t be displayed and you can select your car from the drop down menus but bear in mind all the car mats we stock are for right hand drive vehicles!

car mat buying guide

Step 2 – Look at the details:

Depending on what car you have selected you may be presented with more than 1 set of car mats. In the case of the Volkswagen Golf I’ve used for this example I was shown 6 different sets of mats. While the shape of all these 6 sets of mats is identical there are differences so it’s important to take a close look at the information provided.

car mat buying guide

The screen shot above shows the first 2 sets of mats that suit our Mk 5 Golf. They appear to be almost identical – the titles are the same, the price is the same and the picture looks the same but if you look at the attributes (highlighted in yellow) you can see one set has round clips and the other has oval clips. It’s also extremely important to take note of any date limitations listed on the product as some cars changed their interiors half way through a production run, usually as part of a facelift / model refresh.

Step 3 – Select Your Quality:

For the most popular models of car we offer mats in 3 different qualities: Standard, Luxury and Prestige

car mat buying guide mat_texture_prestigecar mat buying guide mat_thickness_prestige

Our ‘standard’ quality car mats are in most cases, equivalent to the type that you might buy from the main car dealer, our luxury and prestige mats are of a much higher quality, are thicker and feature a more dense pile to the carpet, better quality edging trim and better quality rubber backing.

prestige_thickness2 prestige_thickness

Step 4 – Check the Images:

The images on the our website are of the exact product you will receive so take a close look at the photos, paying special attention to the clips – if present. Take a look at the style of the clip and its position in the mat to make sure they will match your car.

Some of our mats are supplied with universal fitting clips, so even if your car doesn’t have any mounting points in the floor for car mats, the universal clips will secure the mat in place directly to the carpet.


car mat buying guide

Step 5 – Add to Basket

That’s it really, once you’ve checked all the details carefully and had a good look through the images you simply add the mats to the basket and proceed to the checkout. If you’re at all unsure of anything, at any step of the process you can get in touch with our customer service team who are on hand 7 days a week and will be only too happy to answer your queries. You can call on 01 4406603 (from Ireland) 02476 998425 (from the UK) or you can email