First things first, MicksGarage isn’t actually a garage, it’s an online car parts and accessories retailer set up by a chap called Mick. From humble beginnings in Micks bedroom back in 2003 has grown steadily year on year. We now ship thousands of parcels every day to every corner of the globe. There’s over 60 of us working here now, between IT, data, customer service, warehouse, accounts and marketing. At its core MicksGarage is driven by a team of individuals passionate about technology, e-commerce and all things automotive. Here’s a handful of the more photogenic ones 😉

Meet The Team Elvedin Meet The Team Tom Meet The Team Ciaran C IMG_9866 Colin IMG_9854 Gary

The blog (where you are now) is a different story though and that’s powered largely by Team Rob – Rob King writes most of our stuff and he’s the lad in most of our DIY videos (don’t know why I’m referring to him in the third person, it’s me writing this!) Rob Hunt is the other half of the team and is our technical guru.

Meet The Team Meet The Team

We also feature regular articles from Completecar and occasional guest posts from bloggers, racers, adventurers and anyone else who comes along with an interesting story to tell. Our ethos here at the MicksGarage Blog is to try and provide our readers with genuinely useful and interesting car/motoring related stuff. We specialise in making our own DIY videos, designed to help those with a passion to learn, work on their own cars. We generally avoid news and clickbait – if that’s your bag, head on over to CarThrottle! :

We’re always on the lookout for interesting content so if you’ve got something you’d like us to feature, have an interesting story or are a first-class product reviewer, why not give us a shout via the Contact Form



  • rowan wynne

    you new website i rubbish. i been in contact with you team and no change . at first i thought it was my system i was on (windows 10 google chrome) and then i was talking to my mate and he was having the same problem. he on a computer across the road.
    if o open separate tabs with my items that i want on it and put it into the basket in each tab ant the i go to the last tab and only what i put in to that basket from that tab is in the basket and nothing else. this is a rubbish system and the old web page let you open separate tabs. as i said befor i am not buying from you until this is fixed . you think you would have listened to me since i’m telling you for the third there is a problem . .