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Volvo V50 Diesel Soot Particle Filters

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volvo V50  diesel soot particle filters

volvo V50

From Apr 2004 to Jun 2012


Volvo V50 Diesel Soot Particle Filters

Volvo V50 Diesel Soot Particle Filters Available Here. Diesel particle filters or DPF's as they are more commonly known are designed to filter out soot from diesel engine exhaust gasses. This soot is created by the engine’s incomplete burning of the diesel fuel. DPF filters are self cleaning and usually work with the heat from the exhaust, plus a burst of fuel combined with a catalyst, to burn off the build-up of soot in the filter. To make sure the exhaust reaches the necessary temperature, it is necessary to occasionally run the car at higher rpm for an extended period of time (for example, a good run on the motorway). If a DPF filter can't regenerate because it doesn't get up to temperature, which is common on cars that are used as runabouts and for short journeys the DPF can become clogged up with soot and if left may need to be removed and cleaned or even replaced. Diesel soot particle filters are a vital part of your car’s emission system, and it is important that they are functioning properly. Don't be tempted to have your DPF filter removed as it will fail the NCT or MOT