Fiat Doblo Wishbones From Feb 2010 to present

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fiat DOBLO

From Feb 2010 to present

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Fiat Doblo Wishbones From Feb 2010 to present

Fiat Doblo Wishbones From Feb 2010 to present Available Here. Wishbones, also referred to as control arms are a component part of your cars' suspension system. They are widely used in European-manufactured cars. Some high-performance cars have a double wishbone setup, usually with wisbones of different lengths, attached to each of the front hub assemblies. This type of setup is common in sports and performance cars because it gives improved handling. However, for most European cars, the normal setup is a MacPherson strut and a single wishbone. Sometimes, wishbones can bend or break or the integral bushes just wear out especially when going over large potholes or speed bumps. Luckily, high-quality replacement parts are available at MicksGarage.com.