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Dacia Dokker Wishbone Bushes

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dacia DOKKER wishbone bushes

dacia DOKKER

From Nov 2012 to present

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dacia DOKKER Express

From Dec 2012 to present


Dacia Dokker Wishbone Bushes

Dacia Dokker Wishbone Bushes Available Here. Wishbone bushes are found at the pivot points or joints on your vehicle’s suspension system. Most wishbone bushes are made of rubber, nylon or polyurethane, all of which can wear out over time due to mileage, temperature extremes, and other factors. Wishbone bushes are made these softer, pliable materials to help reduce road noise and absorb vibrations and shocks. If your bushings are worn, you may feel increased play in your steering or braking or hear knocking, rattling, or creaking. Getting worn wishbone bushes replaced is relatively inexpensive and both you and your vehicle will be happier!