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hyundai i40 wing mirrors

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hyundai i40 Saloon wing mirrors

hyundai i40 Saloon

From Mar 2012 to present

hyundai i40 Estate wing mirrors

hyundai i40 Estate

From Jul 2011 to present


hyundai i40 wing mirrors

Wing mirrors are critical safety features; they let you see what’s in your blind spots when driving. It is illegal to drive without a driver-side mirror, and you can receive an MOT or NCT failure if either or both of your wing mirrors are not functioning properly. If one of your mirrors breaks, you may not need to replace the whole thing. Component parts are inexpensive and an easy DIY project to fit. Replacement mirror glasses on a backing plate clip directly into the housing. There are even stick-on replacement glasses; the stick mirror backing adheres to your existing backing plate. Mirror covers can also be purchased seperately for most models. Some are supplied in primer, ready to paint and some come in black plastic. Be sure to read our Wing Mirrors Buying Guide that includes tips, photos and a video.