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vauxhall TIGRA TwinTop coil springs.

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vauxhall TIGRA TwinTop

vauxhall TIGRA TwinTop

From Jun 2004 to Aug 2009

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vauxhall TIGRA TwinTop coil springs

Coil springs are a vital part of your car’s suspension system. Not only do they absorb shocks as you’re driving down the road, they also help keep the weight of your car spread evenly over the tires. Because of the constant stresses they are under, coil springs do wear out. When this happens, they should be replaced immediately. Fortunately, stocks the springs for a wide range of cars and lorries. Our springs have a rugged construction, so you know they are going to last. Plus, we sell them at the best prices. Check out our inventory of coil springs today. You’ll be glad you did.