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Lexus Is Clutch Kits

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lexus IS C clutch kits

lexus IS C

From Apr 2009 to Apr 2013

lexus IS clutch kits

lexus IS

From Oct 2005 to Apr 2013

lexus IS SportCross clutch kits

lexus IS SportCross

From Oct 2001 to Oct 2005

lexus IS  clutch kits

lexus IS

From Apr 1999 to Jul 2005


Lexus Is Clutch Kits

Lexus Is Clutch Kits Available Here. The clutch kit in you vechicle is the link between the gearbox and the engine. Over time the clutch wears out and periodically will need replacing. A clutch kit is a relatively expensive component and replacing a clutch requires a considerable amount of labor so it's important that you not only choose the right clutch kit for your car but also choose a quality brand. Typically a clutch kit contains a pressure plate, clutch disc and a release bearing. At MicksGarage we stock some of the best brands, fitted as original equipment by the vehicle manufacturers such as Sachs, Valeo and LUK.