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Wind Deflectors Buying & Fitting Guide

Wind deflectors are one of our most popular car accessories. They add both a practical and styling element to your car.

  • They allow the occupants to open windows during rainy weather while preventing rain from getting inside the car.
  • As the name suggests it also deflects wind away from the car reducing the noise created from open windows.
  • They are also very easy to fit and don’t require any specialist tools.

Buying Wind Deflectors on

To ensure you get the correct wind deflectors for your car enter the registration number or select your car from the drop down menus on this page.

The most important thing to look out for is the fitment attribute in the description of the deflectors. Some wind deflectors are only designed to fit cars that have a certain amount of doors (as the number of doors impacts on the length of the deflectors e.g. a 3 door car will have longer doors than a 5 door version of the same car).

The screen grab below illustrates the ‘fitment attribute’ highlighted in yellow.  Another point worth mentioning is that all our wind deflector sets, unless otherwise stated are sold as pairs (for the 2 front windows).

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At MicksGarage we stock a few of the most popular brands of wind deflector namely G3, Airvit, Team Heko & Farad.

How to fit wind deflectors?

If reading isn’t your thing, you can watch our fitting video

wind deflectors1.With the window in the down position, clean the frame and channel where the wind deflector is going to fit into. Use a window cleaner or a mild solvent to ensure nothing will obstruct the installation of the deflectors. You may also use a flat head screwdriver to gently scrape way the dirt in the slot.

As the rubber around the door frame can become hard and perished. Using a product like Gummi Pflege is highly recommended to condition and soften the rubber. After applying Gummi Pflege leave it work on the rubber for at least 20 minutes before the next step. This will make fitting the wind deflectors a lot easier.

2. Now we are ready to fit the deflectors. Place the front edge of the deflector into the window channel first and then work your way back  by gently pushing it into place. Make sure that the wind deflector is securely fitted. Most of our wind deflectors come with additional clips to secure them into place, however they are not needed on every car so you may not receive any clips. If your wind deflector came with fitting clips continue onto step 3, otherwise skip to step 4.



wind deflectors



wind deflectors3. The clips will have a smooth side and side with small barbs or catches on them. The clips fit with the smooth side facing outwards or away from the car. Push the clips up with a screwdriver until they are securely fastened between the deflector and the door frame. The fitting instructions will indicate where each clip should be fitted.

4. Once finished, it is important to check that the windows function and close properly and that the deflectors are not obstructing it. This is especially important for electric windows. In rare cases, it can trigger the anti trap security feature while the window is closing. This safety feature is to prevent fingers or other objects getting trapped while the window is being closed. To rectify this problem it’s best to get someone to help you.

While they wind the window up, place the palm of your hands on each side of the glass and gently assist the window to rise up to it’s fully closed position. Be careful not to force or damage any component and keep fingers and hands away from areas where they may get trapped. Once the window is fully closed, leave it in this position for at least 24 hours. This will give the rubber seals time to mould themselves around the wind deflector and the next time you operate your window it will work perfectly.

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*Note: The wind deflectors may look as if they are scratched when you take them out of the box initially. However, they come covered in a clear plastic film and when you peel it off the deflector underneath will be in perfect condition!

Before you remove the plastic film it is best that you hold the deflectors up to your car door to check that they are the right size and shape.





Popular Brands: G3 Wind Deflectors | Heko Wind Deflectors