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Update 10th of January 2013
As it happens, we didn’t really get the doom and gloom weather that was forecast when this blog post was written back in October. However, after a great start to January this year, the weather has turned over the last couple of days. What reminded me to check this blog post again is that yesterday evening at about 6pm I had to use de-icer on the car, AT 6PM! 

As it turns out, its not something that’s happening for just a couple of days. The BBC claims that “much colder air will cause temperatures to drop below average and the weather will become more wintry: frost, ice and even some snow are possible by the beginning of next week“. Click here to check out the weather forecast video over on the BBC website. In additional to frost and ice (according to the weather reader) there is a risk of significant snow fall next week throughout the UK, but the advise from the BBC is to stay tuned for further reports on when and where winter weather will further develop. 

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After a fairly mild winter last year, and after all the forecasted doom and gloom it seems many weather forecasters are keeping a tight lip for this winter. However James Madden of Exacta Weather claims that “November is likely to feature below-average temperatures as a whole and that it is likely to become progressively colder as we progress throughout the month and into the start of winter, with the development of some quite severe frosts in places. These cooler periods of weather will be accompanied by further falls of snow across higher ground, and these are also likely to develop across some lower levels of the country at times too”. For those hoping for a white Christmas, Peter O’Donnell claims that there is a “chance for snow in north-central parts of Britain around Christmas”.

Be extra careful on the roads this winter
Image courtesy of Telegraph.co.uk

If you’re after a more “apocalyptic” forecast for the cold snap and snow fall, the British Weather Services have it. They provide the forecast for insurance companies and transport firms and senior meteorologist Jim Dale has claimed that they are “forecasting a colder than average period from mid-November to late January for Ireland, with significant snow at times. It won’t be surprising to see minimum temperatures fall to -10°C to -12°C and there will be disruption. Road users will need to be very aware of snow hazards”. Chances are if Ireland gets this kind of severe snow fall then the UK is highly likely to have the same faith.


But being realistic it may or may not snow this year, so we apologise for the shock headline, it’s a bit “tabloid” from us. However even if it does not snow – the winter months will take their toll on your vehicle and below we have a summary of some key items that should be in the boot or in the engine bay. The most important thing is to be prepared for the winter months as there is nothing worse than being stuck at home, unprepared and unable to carry out your daily routine.

Winter Motoring Eseentials

Starting with the basics; ice scraper and/ or de-icer are very handy to have in the car to clear your frosted windows on those cold mornings and evenings. Even in mild winters night temperatures fall below zero, so it is very, very important to have a sufficient amount of antifreeze in the engine as water on its own can freeze causing severe damage to the engine. This is something that is overlooked by a lot of people. Click here to view our range of anti-freeze or on the image above for our range of basic winter essentials.
There’s nothing worse than coming out on a cold frosty morning to find your car’s battery is flat (below zero temperatures drain power from the battery overnight). With a set of jump leads in your boot  you can get it going and be on your merry way. We have a number of different types depending on engine size. We also have a video relating to each jump lead listing showing you how easy it is to jump start your car. At times, the cold snap can completely kill a battery and if it won’t hold a charge, we’ve got a full range of Bosch & Exide batteries with 3 to 4 years warranty.

Wiper blades are one of the most important items mentioned in this article. With windscreen’s freezing over night and our determination to take the ice off with the blades, they can degenerate very quickly. With fog, and general poor road visibility around winter months wiper blades must be fit for purpose.
Finally, the essential product for driving in snow – MicksGarage stock a full range of Bottari and Weissenfels Snow Socks which are probably the most important product to have, should the above forecast come to fruition. They are very compact, easy to store & fit and provide the traction of snow chains but are safer and easier to use. The two brands of snow socks we sell have proven their quality and reliability during last winter, and especially the winter of 2010. And is there’s snow or ice on the ground, shoe ice grips are a must to keep safe while walking.

 The above mentioned products are aimed at helping you prepare and overcome the cold snap this winter. However as we all know wintery conditions will always lead to an increase in hazardous road conditions so it’s important that we take extra care when out on the road this coming winter.