Based on today’s Status Orange weather warning from Met Eireann, many parts of the UK and Ireland will see snow this week! The most important thing is to be prepared as there is nothing worse than being stuck at home, unprepared and unable to carry out your daily routine. Undoubtedly this is what happened to many people back in December and January 2010. Below we outline some of the products we feel everyone should have in their boot to stay prepared.


Snow Socks:

The essential product for driving in snow – MicksGarage stock a full range of Bottari and Weissenfels Snow Socks which are probably the most important product to have this year. They are very compact, easy to store & fit and after the havoc of 2010 in the UK and Ireland, having a set in the boot could prove a life saver on the roads.



Essentials: De Icer, Scraper & Anti-Freeze:

In addition to snow socks, an ice scraper and/ or de-icer are very handy to have in the car to clear your frosted windows on those cold mornings and evenings. In the winter months when night temperatures fall below zero, it is also very important to have a sufficient amount of antifreeze in the engine as water on its own can freeze causing severe damage to the engine. 



Jump Leads:

There’s nothing worse than coming out on a cold frosty morning to find your car’s dead! With a set of jump leads in your boot however you can give it the kick it needs within minutes, and be on your way. We have 3 different types based on the size of vehicle you have from small cars to larger vans. We also have a video relating to each jump lead listing showing you how easy it is to jump start your car.
These products are aimed at helping you prepare and overcome the cold snap this winter. However as we all know wintery conditions will always lead to an increase in hazardous road conditions so it’s important that we take extra care when out on the road this coming winter.