Well it’s all kicking off on the 5th of this month in Harrogate, Leeds where stage 1 of the Tour de France will get under way. With the prestigious yellow jersey up for grabs the competition is on and 22 elite team’s will compete over the initial 3 days to cover a total of 546km throughout the UK. The first 3 stages include Leeds, York and Cambridge after which it’s bound for France. It’s only the fourth time in the races history that it’s been in the UK. You can find all of the information regarding the race here including all 21 stages and comprehensive teams profiles. 

The UK government is advising motorists to plan their journeys if coming out to support the first 3 stages of the race, there will be a number of traffic restrictions in place which motorists should make themselves aware of. You can find more information on restrictions and road closures here.

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Words by Lisa, That’s What She Said!