The venue for many an hours happy viewing is set to meet it’s end at the hands of a bulldozer…or many bulldozers to be precise. The entire Top Gear test track which is at Dunsfold aerodrome is about to be erased from existence to make way for a housing development with 1800 new homes, a business park and school.

Waverley Borough Council first took the application in December 2015, suggesting that developers saw an opportunity to make some money after Jeremy Clarkson punched a Top Gear producer and was ultimately forced out of the BBC. The new development has been given the green light to go ahead by the council.

It also has to further call into question the shaky future of the original show following it’s equally shaky year with Chris Evans at the helm.

Here’s a quick look back at the test track and Top Gear in it’s hey day when the Stig got his hands on the fastest car in the world at the time