I’ve got a great tip for you today. It’ won’t cost you anything, it’ll save you time, it’ll make you safer on the roads and it genuinely works!

I’ve found that in winter especially, my car’s windscreen steams up really badly. It’s particularly annoying first thing in the morning when the car’s frosted over. I start the car, turn on the screen demister then get out the scraper and de-icer and start de-icing. But by the time I’ve de-iced, the windows still haven’t fully de-misted.
So like any normal bloke, rather than wait, I drive off, hunched over, peering through the 6 inch envelope of clear screen that the feeble de-mister has actually managed to de-mist! Highly dangerous and to be honest, pretty irresponsible…don’t do it kids!

How to De-Mist Your Windows

So what do you need to remedy this problem?……….Fairy Liquid!

I found this out by accident during the summer. I was trying to get one of those suction cup phone holder things to stick to the windscreen and it kept falling off. So I decided to dunk the suction cup in water and smear a drop of washing up liquid on it to create a good seal. It worked a treat. A week later, after I’d taken the phone holder off, the windows were steamed up one morning except for a neat little section of the screen where I had the phone holder mounted.

This prompted me to try the ‘Fairy Effect’ on the whole screen. Here’s the method:
Take 1 wet dish cloth, squeeze a good blob of washing up liquid onto it, apply in a circular motion to the whole inside of the screen, then take another clean, dry cloth and gently wipe off. The idea is to try and leave some of the washing up liquid on the screen while still getting a dry streak free finish.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results! Apparently shaving foam also works just as well.

The technique above will greatly reduce the amount of condensation on the inside of your screen but it wont eliminate it altogether, you’re still going to need to use the cars demister, but what are the ideal combination of settings you should use? Well let us tell you!

  • Heat on Full
  • Air con On
  • Recirculating air off
  • Open windows slightly

Here’s a video explaining the science behind all that

And to round it all off, here’s a bit of Tina Turna’ doing her own Steamy Windows thing!!  Maybe she should have tried the ‘Fairy Effect’