It has been aaaaaages since our last update on our mk5 Golf GTi project car, so much so that those of you who were actually following our progress probably thought we’d given up on the whole thing! But that’s not the case at all, we’ve just been mad busy with the site over the last few months, plus we had a few members of the team move on to pastures new so the workload increased even more. Thankfully we’re back to full capacity and firing on all cylinders once again so can get to making some cool new videos! Here’s a quick update we shot today:

So what has been happening with our project car since you last saw it? Well truth be told, not a lot! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few developments – Our illustrious leader, actual Mick has had a very slight and low speed fender bender in the greasy conditions. As it turns out he’s also the worlds messiest car owner – do not ever lend your vehicle to that man! the thing looks like a family of Raccoons have been living in there – he blames his kids but we’re not so sure! 😉

Joking aside, the interior was pretty manky when we got the car and definitely needs some TLC so we’ll have a guide or 2 on interior detailing over the coming weeks.

Project GTi: Update

Taking a closer look at the front end damage from the’incident’ it doesn’t appear that there’s any structural damage, just cosmetic stuff to deal with but there is a surprising amount of it considering the accident took place at a little under 5 miles an hour! – I suppose the car did exactly what it was designed to do and deformed in all the right places.

So we have damage to the headlamp, wing, and the bumper is cracked and scratched, the right hand fog lamp grille is missing and the bonnet release mechanism isn’t working. Now we could just replace everything with new stuff but we’re not in any hurry to get the car on the road again so we thought we’d repair what we can and show you guys how we did it in the process.

Project GTi: Update

In addition to all that we have a rear wheel bearing that needs replacing and it’s still not getting up to temperature quickly enough so we’ll be replacing the thermostat and housing.

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