New Cruiser Rear Mounted bike Rack Review:

The New Cruiser from Italian manufacturer Peruzzo is the entry level rear mounted bike rack from It’s a basic 3 bike carrier that mounts to the rear of your car via adjustable straps which retails for around €40/£35. Here’s what I thought of it.

When the bike rack arrived and I shook the box I immediately thought that this is going to be an IKEA nightmare. I really hate assembling things and I’d rather pay extra for something that’s already assembled. But on opening the box I discovered that the bike rack was pretty much assembled and all I had to do was put the right straps in the right place. Happy days.

There are only 6 straps, how hard can it be? It turns out that its not difficult at all, the instructions are very straight forward, 2 straps for the top of the boot lid, 2 for the side and 2 for the bottom.


The two straps that go over the top of the boot lid are longer and have a metal clasp at the end so its easy to know which is which. After reading the instructions I had this bike carrier together in about 20 minutes, it took me maybe 5 minutes to attach to the car but I’m confident the next time I go to do it, I’ll have it done in 2-3 minutes.

The bike rack has a number of letters on the side, each letter represents a certain angle for different makes and models, so you know what letter is the fit for your car, this is really handy and its going to save me a load of time next time I go to fit it. It folds flat for easy storage so its really small and compact to put into your boot when not in use or under your bed.

I’m very happy with how sturdy it is on the back of my Audi A6, it doesn’t damage the car, it doesn’t move when driving and its fantastic value for money and very easy to assemble and fit, what more can I ask for?

If your just getting into cycling or like me just go cycling once a month, I think this New Cruiser Rear Bike Carrier is perfect to get you started.