Product Review: HD 1080p DVR Dash Camera

The first thing that strikes me about the camera is the look and feel of it. It gives the impression of a premium camera while remaining at a very low price range. It might look like an aluminium shell but what stands out straight away is an extremely light plastic shell. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just surprising.

DashCam Still002

On the front you’re greeted with a lens protruding out of the frame along with two IR LED’s. On the back a 2.4 inch colour LCD is combined with some welcomed physical buttons. No touch screen here. The frame houses some physical attributes such as a Micro SD slot alongside the power button. You’ll also find the micro USB port right beside the mount for attaching the camera to a tripod or the supplied suction cup.  Finally there is a pin sized reset button.

DashCam Still003

The software is nothing to write home about but there are two stand out features. Firstly there is the ‘Motion Detection’, which means it turns on and records when it senses movement. The second feature is my favorite. The camera will automatically rewrite the memory card once it’s full – meaning you don’t have to worry about deleting memory (it records over the oldest files).

DashCam Still009 DashCam Still004

Depending on the size of Micro SD card you pair with the camera will depend on what quality you record at. The camera takes up to 32GB’s and can record at HD & Standard Definition. The HD 1080p DVR Dash camera comes with Micro USB CABLE, Car Charger and Suction Cup. Considering the price point the suction cup matches up in quality with most GoPro accessories on the market.

DashCam Still005

In conclusion, this is a by the numbers dash cam. The software is nothing special and why should it be? The footage is clear but can be troublesome in direct sunlight. It does a job without the addition of any frills and at this low price point you shouldn’t expect it to. Click here to view the camera at 

Stephen O’Farrell