MicksGarage.com are today pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with SpaceX and Tesla motors, providing essential parts and equipment to the Tesla Roadster (nicknamed the ‘Starman’) currently travelling on a trajectory which will see it eventually pass the planet Mars.

“I was a little taken aback when I was told Elon was on the line for me” recalls Ciaran Crean, CEO of MicksGarage.com, “but when you think about it… we’re a great fit. MicksGarage has always been ahead of the curve in terms of the technology we produce in house, and our range of OEM quality parts and accessories were presumably what drew SpaceX to make first contact.”

Ciaran’s brother Mick, Chief Technical Officer and head of special projects, is equally enthusiastic.

“The timing couldn’t be better for us really. Our new innovation centre in Park West has been seeking a new project, and in a few short months we’ve been able to get our launch pad up to the point where we’re ready for a test launch. SpaceX have been kind enough to loan us some of their top engineers, and we’ve calculated a number of windows where the earth’s rotation place Dublin roughly in line with the path of the Roadster around the recommended service intervals, so that’s when we’ll be launching.”

“We’re still working out the specifics of which products are best suited to operating in the freezing void of space, but the highest priority item at this moment in time is a Dashcam. There are concerns on the team that there’s a risk of a collision between the Starman vessel and a passing Soyuz rocket, and well all know how difficult it is to get Russia to admit responsibility for incidents such as this.”

It is anticipated that the agreement will see MicksGarage provide parts such as Wind Deflectors, Sun Shades, Batteries, Jump Leads and replacement Bulbs which will allow the spacecraft to remain fully functional through even the worst solar storm. There are also plans to modify the vehicle to facilitate installation of a Roof Box, allowing additional cargo to be transported during the mission.

The first launch from the Park West site is scheduled for 31 March 2019, with the initial service completed by SpaceX crew in orbit the following day.