Road fatalities are down in Ireland across the board, however, there is a new phenomenon that has taken center stage on our roads, and if it’s not addressed, it may have fatal consequences.

Using your mobile phone whilst driving has been proven to have strong negative effects upon the driver’s concentration. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) have stated that driver distraction is to blame for 20-30% of road collisions in Ireland, meaning it contributes to over 1,400 fatal and injury collisions annually. When we compare Ireland to the rest of Europe, we stand around the middle, with Romania having the highest road fatalities (per million inhabitants) and Sweden having the least fatalities.


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Being distracted whilst driving can cost you your life, the RSA launched a TV advert aimed at parents who may be distracted whilst driving titled “Looking back”. It effectively shows the long lasting effects of making a fatal move whilst driving and not paying attention at all times.

According to the RSA, using your mobile phone whilst driving makes you four times more likely to crash. They released another excellent TV advert campaign entitled “Anatomy of a split second” which highlights how checking your phone, even just for a second, can lead to a fatality.

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It is clear, from the statistics, that it is not worth taking out your mobile while you are in your car. There are of course alternatives, that allow you to communicate in a safer, controlled manner. Some of the most common options are Bluetooth headsets and hands-free car kits. Here at we have a range of Bluetooth devices to choose from, suitable for all cars, and as we’ve seen above, it could end up saving you and your passenger’s lives.

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Safe driving, and remember the next time your phone rings, “it won’t kill you to put it away”.