Its happened to most of us, you come out of the house, shopping centre or back from the airport or wherever, get in your car, turn the key………and…….nothing…flat battery…..Balls!

You’re either going to need to jump start your car, a bump start or you’re going to have to call a man in a van to come and rescue you (he’ll probably want to be paid for his troubles too!). For the majority of people, calling the man in the van is not a problem especially if you have AA cover or breakdown assist on your insurance policy but if you’re a car guy, calling the man in the van is tantamount to treason, it’s the absolute last resort & shame will be bought upon your family!

how to jump start your carCarrying a simple set of jump leads or a power pack in the boot will solve all your problems so you can jump start your car and get it running again but more importantly will reinforce your status to your mates/wife/children etc as an all round, good, handy guy to keep around the place.

Joking aside, keeping a set of  jump leads or a power pack in the boot is going to save you a load of time, possibly money and stress and they’re not expensive, they start at under €20.00 – and the ones we sell at MicksGarage are good ones, not cheap, plasticky ones with hardly any copper in the cables like some companies sell.

So let’s assume you have jump leads and your going to jump start your car. It’s a very simple process but there are some extremely important safety precautions which must be followed and a strict order in which the cables should be connected and disconnected. To make the procedure as simple as possible to understand we’ve created this infographic:

how to jump start your car
Alternatively you can check out our short ‘How To’ video