Fly Mick are delighted to announce their expansion into European aviation with their new fleet of commercial aeroplanes.

Speaking from Dublin Airport this morning, founder Michael Crean, (“Mick”), said, “The time is right, we recognised a very sudden gap in the market for some reason. Suddenly there were loads of planes for sale and pilots seeking jobs, I don’t know why, but we decided to act on it.”

On discussing quality and the service that Flying Mickey intends to bring to the market, Mick said: “We plan to disrupt the existing market, there’s so much regulation out there currently that it makes it impossible to run an airline, and we plan to change that. We’ll be telling a lot of these current rule makers “NO” and we’ll be setting the new rules and standards”

On safety –

“We wanted to ensure that you get from A to B, fast and safely. So we had to look to procure the sturdiest aircraft there is, and naturally, you look to Soviet engineering for that. We’ve gotten a great deal on a fleet constructed in Novovoronezhskaya in Russia. It really was a great deal. They gave us spare wings and parts that commonly fall off, that’ll be bound to last us the first few months without mechanics and the likes needed, so it is a low cost but high-quality repair model”.

On price –

“This €9.99 seats stuff is madness, the seats themselves cost more than that! A flight from Knock to Dublin will be in the region of €150 but we’ll be offering some excellent discounts on top of that, our first promotion will be a prudent 90% off voucher because we can’t exactly give it away! Irish customers like to buy Irish so we know it’ll do well. It won’t matter that it’s a Russian / Irish plane, sure aren’t we shopping in Aldi every day”.

On Service –

“It’ll be mainly self-service. But you’ll get what you pay for – flown from one place to another. We’ve ripped out one of the toilets on board because everyone hates plane toilets anyway, and we’ve installed an onboard coffee and vending machine in its place. For €10 you can enjoy an espresso at 30,000 feet, and we’ll only do espresso because you’ll have to be quick. We’ve made sure to get lovely uniforms for staff so with that alone we know the service will be looking excellent”.

On Staff –

“We’ll be having a large recruitment drive very soon. We need captains, pilots and air hostesses. For pilots, the requirements are very simple, you need to know how to fly a plane. The HR people will check the certification and annual leave requirements in the background, but there’ll be plenty of in house training for the juniors, we’ve got a flight simulator hooked up to a Playstation 4 and it’s very advanced and innovative”.

On Competition

“The competition will be looking to us in the coming months, look at our lovely plane, we’re really setting the gold standard here in excellence”