Myself and young Marty Moore, who you might have seen in some of our more recent video’s have a new project on the go and It’s one of those rare and spectacular projects that instills child-like levels of excitement everytime we talk about it!

We’d like to introduce Charlotte, our 1996 1.3 Ep81 Toyota Starlet which we just bought off the internet for the princely sum of €500. She’s in completely stock, original condition,Meet Charlotte the 500 Quid Starlet! is fully taxed and tested and we’re about to going rallying in it!…..well, Kind of!!

What we’re actually doing is something called an endurance trial which is basically like a low speed, low budget rally held over a bunch of ‘selectives’ or special stages.  The one we’re doing is run by the ALMC Motor Club and It takes place in just a few days time. It’s run over a single day, takes in over 160km of driving and runs into the night time, with over 7 hours behind the wheel.

This all started about a week ago when the ALMC guys posted up details of the event on facebook. I commented on the post about how much I’d always wanted to do
this event and Marty, being exactly the type of mate you want to sit next to at work completely ran with it. He got as excited about the whole thing as I did and within 48 hours he’d gone off and picked up the car!

The rules state that the car should be relatively standard but there is still some prep to do. For example, it needs to have 4 point safety harnesses for the driver and co-driver, it needs mud flaps and it ‘should’ be fitted with a sump guard. As I’m writing this with 3 days ’till the rally, our entry forms have not yet been accepted (we only sent them in this morning) our competition licences are not back from Motorsport Ireland (again, only dropped in this morning) and the IRDS rally insurance which is mandatory, has not yet been granted. However, we’re ‘glass half full’ kinda guys so are plowing on regardless and assuming it’ll all work out and we’ll be hurtling down the stages come Saturday morning!


Check back in a few days to see how progress on the car is going and whether we actually get our entry accepted.
We make no apologies for the appalling sound quality, lack of continuity, absence of any form of planning and general rambling! This is shot entirely on the fly on the GoPro for a bit of fun – 🙂

If you want to see more of this kind of stuff, please let us know in the comments below!