It’s Leinster Trophy week! Which means it’s time to get the final little jobs on my sponsored race car done and get the kit bag packed with helmet, suit etc. This will be the third time I’ve been lucky enough to race for the Leinster Trophy, my first was in 2012 when journalist, broadcaster and general motor racing aficionado Leo Nulty bought a car the week before the event and told me I was driving it. It was a Formula Sheane and it was my first proper single seater race, I finished second and thought that was as close as I would ever get to adding my name to Irish Motorsports most illustrious trophy.


For those who don’t know, the Leinster Trophy has been awarded by the Leinster Motor Club to one single seater class to race for since 1934 and in that time it has seen it hoisted by some truly incredible drivers. Legends such as John Watson, Mika Hakkinen, Mike Hawthorn and some bloke called Ayrton Senna who won it back in 1982 (I was there, in a buggy with a soother) have all had their names etched into its pristine silver base. So, to even be in a position to race for it back in 2012 was an honour for me. The same car I raced in 2012 was to be my steed for the 2013 race 1233602_10151850536143818_1774500058_nseason with sponsorship from and we had a difficult season learning the ropes of Formula Sheane. We led most races in the second half of the season but mechanical issues curtailed all but one during the championship fight. However, in August of that year it was announced that the Formula Sheane class(then sponsored by MicksGarage, incidentally) would again get the opportunity to race for the Leinster Trophy – this now became my target and on September 15th, starting from 4th on the grid I somehow managed to find myself taking the chequered flag and winning the Leinster Trophy. I couldn’t believe it and to this day I’m still incredibly proud of that feat.

In 2014 and 2015 the Leinster Trophy was awarded to Formula Ford and has been won by Stephen Daly back to back. Stephen and I come from the same village, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, which is kind of cool that we have held the trophy within the village for 3 years. This year it was announced early on that the BOSS Ireland series would battle it out for the Leinster Trophy and as a regular competitor in that class in my Formula Renault I once again get the opportunity to go after this fabulous trophy. In reality, I have a very slim chance as the nature of BOSS Ireland is that it is free from technical regulations and rapid as my little Formula Renault is it is no match for some of the bigger machines that will show up on the day…. However, I have won a race in BOSS Ireland this year so it is possible and a bit of rain wouldn’t be the worse news for me!

Oh and PS –There a Jordan F1 car scheduled to take to the track!!