We’re delighted to be launching the new KAST Automotive Components brand at MicksGarage.com this month. What makes KAST such an appealing brand for our customers is unrivaled value for money as well as quality standards that can be depended on.


KAST products are manufactured to Equivalent O.E.S standards and are produced in state-of-the-art, verified manufacturing facilities meeting internationally recognised standards such as TS16949/ISO. KAST products are distributed globally meeting the needs and requirements of all international markets. All KAST products come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.


We’re expanding our range of KAST products on a monthly basis, products currently in the range are as follows:


KAST Engine Oils

The KAST range of mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic engine oils are refined and bottled in the UK for KAST and are blended using high grade base oils to ensure the finished products perform at the highest standards. All KAST oils are manufactured to meet OEM specifications and approvals such as VW: 504.00 / 507.00 and BMW LL04.


The KAST range of engine oils currently includes:

  • 15w40 SHPD  Mineral
  • 10w40 Semi Synthetic A3/B4
  • 5w30 Fully Synthetic VAG
  • 5w30 Fully Synthetic Ford
  • 5w30 Fully Synthetic C3
  • 5w30 Fully Synthetic C2
  • 5w40 Fully Synthetic

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