Continuing our series of infographics based on the history of iconic car models, we bring you the History of the Porsche 911:

The Porsche  911 remains one of the most recognisable (and desirable) cars on the road. Introduced in 1963, the 911 has changed very little visually in over 50 years, but under the skin the technological advancements are enormous. All 911’s feature a rear mounted, flat 6 boxer engine, originally air cooled and 2 litres in capacity, producing a mere 130bhp. The most recent incarnation is available with a twin turbocharged, 3.8 litre water cooled flat 6 producing 560bhp. It has active engine mounts, 4 wheel steering, torque vectoring and can sprint to 100km/h from standing in an impressive 3.3 seconds!

Through half a century of development, belligerently sticking with a chassis layout that just shouldn’t work, Porsche have engineered one of the most highly lauded Supercars in the world. Here’s our tribute to the Porsche 911


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