Infographic: The History of the Nissan Skyline

Continuing our series of infographics based on the history of iconic car models, we bring you the History of the Nissan Skyline:

The name Skyline will always be synonymous with performance cars from Nissan, but the Skyline story actually began with the Prince Motor Company, which used the name on an American styled luxury saloon in the mid-fifties. Prince’s merger with Nissan in 1966 brought the Skyline name into the Nissan fold and a legend was born. It would take five more years for a high-power GT-R version to arrive but from that moment on, the Skyline and GT-R names went hand in hand.

Smart marketing from Nissan introduced the Skyline, (dubbed ‘Godzilla’ by the Australian media) to a new generation through the hugely popular Gran Turismo racing game. Since then the Beast from the East has only got more monstrous, culminating in the technologically advanced Skyline R34 GT-R. For some the Skyline name died with that car, while for others it lives on in either the luxury G35 family (sold as Infiniti in some markets) that returned the Skyline name to its luxury car roots or in the R35 GT-R – a car that does not bear the Skyline name but carries on the GT-R tradition laid down in 1969 with the introduction of the first model.Nissan-Skyline-Infographic

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