The Mazda Mx5 or also known as the Miata and Eunos Roadster around the world is a  two seater roadster that is front engined  with a rear wheel drive layout.. The Mx5 was manufactured in Japan it made it’s debut appearance in 1989. The Mx5 was conceived as a small roadster which was lightweight and have minimal mechanical complexity limited by legal and safety requirements. The Mx5 came with a choice of a 1600cc or the more popular 1800cc with the factory LSD. You can recognize the early gen MX5s by the famous pop up headlights which were not continued into the second gen due to safety reasons. The early models of the Mx5 are renowned for their handling capabilities and are often kept as a weekend car, track toy or even the add autocross event as we found out here. It would also be common for owners to customize their Mx5s by adding a turbo or supercharger to the car-providing that power the car was missing from factory.
The third generation ran from 2005-2015 but wasn’t anywhere near as popular as the earlier models until hype was created by the launch of the brand new Mx5 by Mazda which launched to the market in 2016. Featuring a revy 1500cc and 2000cc Skyactiv engine mated with the five and six speed gearboxes, it was a breath of fresh air to Mx5 fans as the car was going back to it’s roots from the 90s. Mazda have now launched the new Mazda Mx5 RF which gives the silhouette of a coupe but still been able to function like a soft top with the retractable roof. Already the new chassis can be found as race cars and drift cars around the world.

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