How to Change Your Brake Fluid:

Brake fluid is one of the most neglected ‘components’ on your car despite the fact that it should be changed every 2 years at a maximum. The reason it’s so important to change is because brake fluid is a hygroscopic substance (meaning that it naturally absorbs water from the humidity in the air)

When fresh, all brake fluids are virtually incompressible. But over time when the fluid absorbs moisture, problems can arise if the fluid gets overheated as a result of extreme heavy braking. Overheated brake fluid can (and will) boil in the caliper. The moisture in the fluid Boils and produces gas bubbles. Gas is compressible so boiling brake fluid leads to a “soft” brake pedal with long travel. In extreme cases overheated brake fluid necessitates “pumping the brake pedal” in order to get any braking performance at all

Here’s how we changed the brake fluid in our Golf GTi project car: