Infographic: History of the Volkswagen Golf –

History of the Volkswagen Golf – An infographic by the team at
The Volkswagen Golf is currently the 3rd best selling car in the world, with close to 30 million produced since 1974! Chances are, if you haven’t owned one or currently own one now, you probably will at some point in the future, despite the recent bad press VW are receiving!
I’ve personally owned a couple of Golfs, the first was a mk4 and the 2nd a mk5 GT TDI which had the fantastic DSG gearbox. We also have our own Project Car here at MicksGarage which is a MK5 Golf GTi, so it’s fair to say we’re quite familiar with them and can appreciate why they are so popular.
Aside from the excellent build quality, decent ride and handling, practicality, understated but stylish design the Golf in our opinion is successful where others fail because it manages to be completely classless. Whether on the daily school run or at a posh wedding the Golf just fits in. Here’s our tribute: A History of the Volkswagen Golf
History of the Volkswagen Golf

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