Infographic: History Of The Honda Civic

Spanning nine model generations the Honda Civic is one of the most recognizable and best selling cars in the world. Back in early 1970’s Honda were considering pulling out of car manufacture altogether after a string of lackluster forecourt performances but the Civic turned that around! The Honda Civic’s light weight, high tech and economical, high performance engines are the cornerstone of the models success.

Increasingly sporty variants of the Civic culminated in the launch of the Type R in the 1990’s. The Type R was fitted with the now infamous VTEC B16a engine which produced over 100bhp per litre, a feat that most supercars of the era couldn’t match.

The popularity of the Ferrari-baiting Type R filtered down to lesser, more affordable models and the Civic became the de facto car for a generation of  petrol heads and tuners such as J’s racing and Spoon.

Versatility plays a large part in the success of the range. From practical, affordable shopping runabout to screaming 9,000 rpm racetrack hooligan the Civic can do it all. Honda have also had a huge amount of motorsport success with the civic, most recently winning the British Touring Car Championship in 2013.

After 40+ years the Civic still continues to feature in the top 20 best selling cars globally.
Here’s a visual look back over its 40+ year history:

Honda Civic Infographic

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