For Free Friday this week we ran a Guess The Car Competition, which we always have great fun putting together and trying to catch you out. We’re always impressed with how knowledgeable you guys are out there, and this week was no different.

The theme was Modified Motors.
Car Number 1.
We started things off nice and easy with this Mazda RX7 fitted with the popular RE Amemiya Porsche front end conversion. Most of you got this straight away:

Car Number 2 caught quite a few of you out but the eagle eyed among you spotted the Mazda MX5 windscreen and roof line immediately. These Morgan lookalikes can be bought brand new from the showroom in Japan:

Car Number 3 sparked the highest number of different guesses. We’re impressed so many of you got it right at all! This Modsports racer is based on the Reliant Robin’s 4 wheeled brother, the Reliant Kitten, but this one is fitted with 4 litres of Rover V8 power:
The owner of Car Number 4 would be delighted because their Audi TT conversion fooled a surprising amount of you into thinking it was the R8 supercar. It’s a lot less convincing when you see the whole car though!!

Car Number 5. We think this is one is hard! It’s official title is the Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia S110, but we accepted S12 Nissan Silvia as well.   

A few of you brainboxes managed to get all 5 cars 100% right. Unfortunately, this week we could only pick one winner, so,  Mark O’Daly email your postal address and car reg and we’ll send you out a set of shiny new Trico wiper blades!