Infographic: A Visual History of The Subaru Impreza

It would be fairly hard to find a car enthusiast that isn’t a big fan of the Subaru Impreza, and we’d be no different here at MicksGarage. I’ve never owned one myself, but my Dad had one and, amazingly, as an 18 year old lad, I was allowed to drive it! God it was quick! or at least it felt quick compared to the 1 litre Peugeot 106 I was driving around in normally.

As a teenager back in the early 90’s, in the era of Britpop, you had two choices, you were either a Blur or an Oasis Fan. If you were a car guy, you had to make a choice too. You were either a Scooby fan or an EVO fan. You had to lay out your stall and pick a side!

Personally I was in the Subaru camp. The EVO won out in terms of outlandish styling but nothing in my mind will ever top the unforgettable sight and sound of  Colin McRae blasting through the Welsh forests on the RAC rally in a cacophony of gravel spray and anti-lag…. it was just epic!!

So here’s our little tribute to a car that caught the imagination of an entire generation:
A visual History of the Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza Infographic

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