Man and Nissan GTR
Petrol heads, you’ll understand each and every one of these. Don’t worry though, as a petrol head, you’re part of an elite club of true car lovers, the real deal, the cream of the crop. So stand proud and enjoy these!


1. It hurts when you hear someone describe a car as ‘something you use to get from point A to B’.
2. It always feels as if something is missing when you’re on holidays, that void or emptiness from being so far away from your car. It’s okay to cry.
3. The only other person allowed to drive your car is someone you really trust but you’ll give them that stern warning “just be careful, alright?!”.
4. While others look for a badge to see what make a car is, you can identify the make, model, year and spec just by looking at the rear lights.
5. When you downshift, you get a sudden rush of man-drenaline. I totally just made that word up but you know what I mean.
2 Stroke Lynx Deodourant6. You occasionally crack the window so you can hear the engine better.
7. You speak words of encouragement to it every now and then like “I know it’s freezing cold, but please start.” or “come on!”.
8. The car is an extension of yourself and it reflects who you are.
9. When you see someone else driving the car of your dreams you don’t utter “that rich b*****d” like many others, instead you say “you lucky b*****d”.
10. You’d love if Lynx released a new fragrance called “2 Stroke” but they won’t, I’ve asked them already.
Words by Niall