After a brief spell behind a paywall Chris Harris on Cars is back and is shaping up nicely to be the perfect petrol heads antidote to Top Gear.
In his latest film, which is 40 odd minutes long (& a welcome departure from the usual 8 or 10 minute pieces) Harris and a few mates drive very fast in a selection of very fast cars, around a race track and talk about them.

…and that’s about it. There are no gimmicks, no explosions, no fancy graphics, no staged ‘comedy’ routines and no plot. They set some lap times, shred some tyres and clearly have a great time doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Top Gear, but it’s not really a car show anymore and hasn’t been for a long time, it’s an entertainment show that has some cars in it..and that’s just fine. This is just better, or at least I think it will be before too long.