Product Review: 12V In-car Hair Straighteners With Ceramic Plates

In-car Hair straighteners we hear you cry! Who knew such a product even existed! Well they do and here are! Check out what I thought of them..

The 12 volt DC hair straighteners work by plugging them into a 12-volt socket, so they are ideal for using in the car, campervan and mobile home. You could even plug them into a motorbike or scooter if they have a 12v outlet. They are lightweight and small enough to fit into hand bags and gloveboxes and are great for festivals, camping trips and fighting frizz on the go.


To operate, just plug into the 12v power supply and wait for the LED light on the plug to turn red, as this indicates that the power is flowing – you may need to turn the vehicle ignition to the idle position. Move the operating switch on the straighteners to the ‘on’ position and the LED light on the straighteners should turn red to indicate that they are heating up.

Once plugged in, they reach operating temperature in about three or four minutes but the longer you leave them plugged in the hotter they get. There are grooves at the base and tip of the plates to grip as you straighten and they remain cool to touch as the plates heat up, however the outside of the straighteners around the plates does get hot so be mindful of touching this area.


The plates are ceramic so they get hot, stay hot and don’t get hot spots. The plates are smooth so they glide through hair and won’t snag or create tangles. These straighteners work best on short and fine hair and fringes but will tame thick hair if you go over each section of hair a number of times.

Be careful when you are finished using the straighteners and have unplugged them as the plug can get hot and the plates remain hot for a good ten minutes, so they need to be placed on a suitable surface to cool down before storing away.

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The Verdict:

These 12v in-car hair straighteners work really well. They get hot and stay hot and will easily reduce frizz and tame kinks in short and fine hair. They also work well on thicker and longer hair but you will need to go over this type of hair more than once. They offer great value for money and work just as well as some higher end brands, something I wasn’t expecting! If you need straighteners on the go that won’t break the bank, I recommend these ones.

Always remember to stay on the right side of the law and don’t attempt to straighten your hair whilst driving or stuck in traffic. It’s not safe, it’s not cool and may get you in trouble!

The 12v DC hair straighteners are available to buy online from