Universal Car/Van Parking Sensor Kit - 4 Sensors - with LCD Display.
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Universal Car/Van Parking Sensor Kit - 4 Sensors - with LCD Display.

Universal Car/ Van Parking Sensor Kit (Incl: LCD Display)

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Product Information

Universal Car/Van Parking Sensor Kit - 4 Sensors - with LCD Display
Obstructions are no longer a danger when you manoeuvre or park your car. This parking sensor kit safeguards the vehicle, the obstacles and particularly any bystanders behind the car. The driver is warned of any obstructions behind the car by means of the LCD display readout and simple warning sound that increased frequency the closer you get to the object.

Complete Weatherproof sealed sensor units provide sound guidance to safe driving and parking. This easy install kit comes with all you need to install 4 parking sensors on your car. The sensors can be colour coded / painted to suit your car colour.
When you engage the reverse gear, a beep signals that the sensor has activated. Any obstacle detected is indicated by an intermittent beep signal which increases in frequency until it becomes a continuous sound as the vehicle moves near to the obstacle itself.
The LCD Display indicates the distance the car is from the obstacle with a Car shaped icon.

Distance (Metres) Sound Note
1.0 - 1.5 m Bip....Bip....Bip Safe Distance
0.5 - 0.9 m Bip..Bip..Bio Pay Attention
0.4 - 0.5 m Bip.Bip.Bip Be Alert
0.0 - 0.4 m Continuous Dangerous Distance

1 x Manual

4 x Black Sensors
The Sensors are Black by default - They can be painted / colour coded to match the car colour
4 x LCD Screen with Black Surround
The LCD display unit indicates the distance from obstacle with a car shaped icon
1 x Buzzer Unit
The Buzzer / alert unit is small enough to be hidden about the car and placed wherever you require. The beeper sound is loud enough to hear wherever it is placed
1 x Control Box
To be placed in the boot of the car near one of the rear lamps (close to the 12v power source)
1 x Power Cable 1st Wire goes to the body of the car (To Ground, negative -), 2nd wire to the Reverse light (Positive wire - to power and activate the Sensor)
1 x 22mm hole Saw bit
To accurately drill the exact hole recess for the sensors. The Saw bit suits standard bumpers only and not metal bumpers.
Technical Specification:
- Working voltage range 12V(10.5~16V DC)
- Rated Current 50mA ~ 180mA
- Detection Distance 0.2 ~ 1.5m
- Sensor Frequency 40KHz
- Working temperature of control box -40 ~ +80

About Parking Sensors
Parking Sensors detect obstacles behind you and also infront of you if you wish, to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your car. Using Ultrasonic technology they emit a cone of sound behind your car which bounces of obstacles behind and returns to the sensor, the time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return off obstructions behind your car is how they calculate the remaining distance behind you.

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