R.Evolution Motorbike and Scooter Cover - 150 - 1100 c.c)
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R.Evolution Motorbike and Scooter Cover - 150 - 1100 c.c)


R.Evolution Motorbike and Scooter Cover - 150 - 1100 c.c)

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Product Information

R.Evolution Motorbike and Scooter Cover (150 - 1100 c.c)
A very high quality product - this cover is resitant to wind, rain, snow and ice and sun UV rays. Fully waterproof this motorbike / scooter covers helps protect against dust, dirt, tree sap, bird dropping, industrial polution etc.

- Fully waterproof - breathable waterproof fabric
- Double stitched seams
- Strong elasticated hem
- Comes in a handy storage bag with transport handle
- Suitable for motorbike and Scooter from 150 - 1100 c.c

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