G3 Quick-Fit Wind Deflector set for Alfa Romeo 156 1997 to

G3 Quick-Fit Wind Deflector set for Alfa Romeo 156 1997 to 2005. Contains a pair of tinted front wind visors.

4-Door and 5-Door


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Alfa Romeo 156 1997 to 2005 Front Wind Deflectors (Pair: Driver & Passenger Sides)
G3 tailored Wind Deflectors or wind visors are designed to maximise comfort while driving. They Increase ventilation and air circulation by allowing your windows to be partially open in all weather conditions, without causing discomfort to the driver or passengers.

G3 Wind Deflectors provide great benefits all year round: in winter they prevent rain from entering the vehicle and in summer they provide excellent ventilation and reduced wind noise from open windows, particularly at motorway speeds, making them ideal for long summer journeys. They also reduce wind turbulence and buffeting inside the car. Their sleek, aerodynamic design and lightly tinted exterior make a great addition to any vehicle. The G3 Quick-Fit System allows fast and simple clip in fitment!

Click here to listen to the wind deflector sound comparison test

Based in Italy, G3 manufacture premium wind deflectors to an TUV approved ISO standard.

Fitment5 Door Models

DurabilityWithstands heavy car wash treatment
FinishScratch Resistant and Lightly Tinted
MaterialConstructed of durable plastic
Number of Doors5-Door
SafetyDoes not hinder side mirror visibility
Warranty12 months manufacturers warranty

Additional InformationEasy to Install - simple clip-in type - no tools required
Additional InformationFull simple fitting instructions included

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G3 Quick-Fit Wind Deflector set for Alfa Romeo 156 1997 to 2005. Contains a pair of tinted front wind visors. + Einszett Rubber Care Stick - 100ml.

Bundle Wind Deflectors with Einszett Rubber Care Stick - 100Ml.


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G3 Quick-Fit Wind Deflector set for Alfa Romeo 156 1997 to 2005. Contains a pair of tinted front wind visors. + Complete Bug Removal and Glass Care Kit

Buy Wind Deflectors and This Glass Care Kit and Save 15


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