Mechanix Wear Light Gloves - Medium/ Size 9
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Mechanix Wear Light Gloves - Medium/ Size 9


Mechanix Wear Light Gloves (Size 9 / Medium)
The Glove Light provides Durability, Comfort, Flexibility and it incorporates a light. The fully washable glove adds light to your late night repairs or any lowlight situation.

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Product Information

Mechanix Wear Light Gloves (Size 9 / Medium)

Think of all the times when working in low or no light, you wish you had an extra hand and a flashlight. The Glove Light is just for those times. The Glove Light works without that extra hand and in places you never hought possible, freeing you up to take care of business.

The Glove Light features an incredibly bright LED to light the way. The lighting system utilizes easily replaceable batteries and a sevenminute automatic shutoff for battery conservation. The light is completely waterproof too!

The glove itself shares many of the great attributes of the Original Glove, like concealed interior seam stitching and molded TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) wrist closure. It also features padded, lined Spandex knuckle and finger panels and synthetic leather palm to protect against wear. Durability, comfort… and light! Never work in darkness again.

Glove Features
* Bright 10,000 lumen LED light beam
* Water proof electronics
* Improved finger tip design
* Automatic 7minute battery conservation shutoff
* The Glove provides 100,000 hours of light
* Easy access replaceable batteries (Type: CR2016, 2 pairs per glove Included)
* Molded TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) hook and loop closure
* Stretch Spandex top and thumb
* Padded, lined, formfitting Spandex knuckle and finger panels
* Reinforced synthetic leather finger tips
* Synthetic leather palm
* Concealed interior seam stitching
* Smoothsurface index finger

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